What To Expect

When you arrive at Common Ground Wellness Center, I will greet you in the lobby.  After an intake of questions to see what brings you in for massage and any injuries or precautions, you will lay on a massage table between the sheets with a blanket on top to keep you warm.

Woman getting a massage (photo)You may be aware of each moment of the whole session and feel your body as it relaxes, or you may find yourself wander into a healing head space where a deep relaxation is happening in mind and body.  I don’t know where our minds wander to, but it sure is a nice place to visit!  Everybody is unique and is experiencing life in their bodies.  All genders and ages are welcome.

If it is your first massage ever, welcome to the world of massage!  Those of you who have received massage before know bodywork is helpful after all sorts of activities and life events including: after a long week of work, gardening, post-workout recovery, returning from a vacation, managing a loss or grief, or a repetitive strain injury.

Maybe you are visiting Portland and would like some bodywork or you want to treat yourself to a massage simply to relax and take some time for yourself.  Some people receive bodywork every two weeks or every couple of months.  A massage is beneficial anytime. It is also a wonderful gift to yourself or a loved one for a birthday or special occasion!

Betsy Loncar, Professional Massage Therapist (logo)

Common Ground
Wellness Cooperative

5010 NE 33rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97211
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10:30 AM–5:00PM